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About Us

Guangzhou Onlense Science & Technology Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2001 is mainly engaged in smart door locks. Onlense has been insisting on independent development and innovation for 20 years and have obtained more than 50 patents. Onlense is at the forefront of technology, constantly iterating and improving, and follwing the trend.

Onlense insists the philosophy that quality is the core, price is reasonable, and products are innovation. Onlense team has always been dedicated to serving customers and and take customer satisfaction to be our ultimate goal! 

At present, our main hot-selling smarts locks are home locks and commercial locks. Home locks are mainly entry doors and room doors, including smart WiFi locks, fingerprint locks, smart Bluetooth locks, password locks, IC card locks. The locks are currently compatible with google home and Aleax smart Voice sound docking which enables remote unlocking and real-time monitoring of the door lock status and truly bids farewell to the era of keys and endue security with intelligence.

Onlense's hot-selling commercial locks are mainly code IC card locks with Various specifications and sizes adapting to different door types such as offices, hotels, apartments, schools, factories, etc., and are convenient for collective back-office unified management. Onlense has developed the market in more than 80 countries around the world as mainly North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia an we are working hard to expand more markets.

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