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Safe electronic door locks are optional which points to note?(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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(1) the purchase of security safes electronic door locksMost security safes on the market for the A1 class, there are a variety of appearance, style products, consumers can choose according to need, whether to buy what style anti-theft safe products, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:① security safes cabinet outer surface of the film (or spray film) color should be uniform, can not have obvious cracks, gas gowns, spots and other defects.② cabinet height of ≤ 600 mm anti-theft safes, doors and door frames on the right and left gap of ≤ 1.5 mm, under the clearance of ≤ 2 mm, the gap is too large will reduce the anti-theft performance.③ Class A, Class B of the quality of security safes is less than 340 kg should have a mounting hole, with fasteners, instructions and guidance of fixed to fixed according to the specification requirements in a timely manner.④ security safes door thickness of 8 mm to 10 mm cabinet thickness of 6 mm or more, so in order to ensure that anti-theft performance of the purchase to the store ask the plate thickness.New for Pictures of people Genki ア ni メ DVD through trafficking overseas ド ra ma ア the inter Hikaru Suites DVD ア ni メ dvd Pictures dvd ド ra ma dvd shock safety DVD Gean DVD in Japan reflect the painting excited safety Blu-ray Gean Blu-ray the DVD stall factories Korea ド ra ma dvd shock An excited safety dvd Chinese ergonomic mouse content verticalCompare mouse Gean Korea dvd シ ャ Neko Hikaru women ピ ー グ ッ チ women ピ ーthe エ Hikaru メ the su female ピ ー Double-check the box to see surrounded by steel plate convergence degree of good safe enclosure is formed by a steel plate one-time stamping, surrounded by almost no gap, with very good tamper performance. Electronic door locks lightly tap the box and listen to the sound, good safe box completely by a steel plate, knocking up a very crisp sound, and some products from the inside and outside the two of thin metal, the middle of filling with sediment, this box percussion it would send a very dull sound.Opening the product from the steel plate thickness, especially the thickness of the door of distinction, to take power switch of good quality, safe product, its door plate thickness is not less than 10mm, and from a single piece of steel plate, while would like to than under the low-quality products, the plate thickness is thin, and may be put together by two steel plates.Double-check the appearance of the product, check the appearance of the product from working on the door of convergence degree of cabinet polished smooth, locks open and safety performance.Open the outer package, check the product itself is affixed to the CCC mark, the CCC mark CCC mark and not the kind of fake, it should be safe in the real sense. Which relate to a problem is how to correctly identify the CCC mark, this problem the safe knowledge of a bar in Shanghai safe site has been described in detail.Differences from the product packaging to take power switch generally regular factory production of safe products in the product name of the product packaging will be clearly marked out, not deliberately fuzzy concept, confuse the products. Such as: T-type collection of the cabinet, quality custody cabinet, electronic password safe, mechanical safe, and so on. These names can correctly distinguish between safe and treasure cabinet.
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