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Security industry, or "starred" Internet of Things drama(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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In recent years, with breaking the derivative of the traditional video surveillance stick to a narrow field of demand, the monitoring network is growing.According to industry experts, under the premise of Things, the information can be transmitted and focused value and not just access to information across space distance is more critical to a variety of intelligent analytical applications can be extended on this basis, this Internet of Things monitoring of the biggest benefits of networking, as the value of the Internet, we are able to handle large amounts of information, processing and application. Can be expected that the next few years, video surveillance of all walks of business development will advance along this road.However, not just the video surveillance, including access control, alarm and other security operations in the future will be the development direction of this networking.Hikvision industrial development director Li Wei, said: "Internet of Things concept of the proposal, the security integrated into a larger scope of the field, so that greater promotion of the development of the security industry: First, more technologies and products in the security platform, an increase of the connotation of security, such as we pass the information other than more video cameras can be widely deployed; Internet of Things is more emphasis on data applications from a security point of view, intelligent is one of the best applications, we achieve intelligent identification, and distributed data storage, data retrieval, alarm linkage, command and control. "Video surveillance as one of the important areas of the existing security industry, "video aware" networking the main technical difficulties in this matter and lay the basis of certain aspects of technology and hardware. Meanwhile, the rise and development of the Internet of Things technology to break the traditional video surveillance stick to a narrow field, the introduction of a deeper level, a higher degree of information management on the one hand, to establish the ability to share management platform to solve the interconnection between the various departments interoperability issues; the other hand, the Internet of Things will enable existing security monitoring system to rise to a more intelligent level, in terms of video capture, management or through smart technology to more effectively deal with. The development of the concept of things will make the video surveillance moving towards the direction of intelligent, digital and information technology.-Star Electronics Co., Ltd. President the Jinzhao Wei believes that the security industry is one of the important areas of the Internet of Things applications. Development of the industry of the future Internet of Things, will lead the security industry, the pace of progress. Unlike traditional security monitoring industry functions and features, the Internet of Things security system has wider coverage, more intelligent, precision and other characteristics. With existing video surveillance, for example, the Internet of Things security systems tend to "perception" of the video platform on the basis of a strong network of support, it can achieve more accurate positioning, intelligent video analysis and processing, and to the greatest limits to reduce false positives, because all kinds of interference caused by the highly intelligent man-machine dialogue. The Internet of Things in the security industry greatly make up for the lack of development of all aspects of the traditional security industry and to promote the rapid development of the security industry.Thus, the continuous development of the networking industry and mature towards intelligent information for the security industry may be more, and from the multi-angle technology, markets, and applications to drive the rapid growth of the security industry, security industry is a positive development of every point of view has a role in promoting. And as an important application of the security industry, the escalation of the growing demand of video surveillance and video surveillance technologies and products, and vice versa for the Internet of Things into a large-scale application stage to provide protection and has laid a solid foundation. The manufacturing industry as an electronic lock, under the guidance of the "Internet of Things", networking, locked in later in the night market must be able to share
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