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energy key card switch 12 years manufacturer in Guangzhou(Hits:) 
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Description and advantages:1.energy key card switch2.use by IC, RF, MF card 3.Insert the card to get power4.low consumption5.One year warrantyEnergy key card switch 12 years manufacturer in Guangzhou Onlense is a manufacturer of energy key card switch and hotel electronic lock from 2001.we havefour types of hotel energy saving switch:Any card energy saving switch, IC card energy saving switch, RF card energy saving switch and Mifare card energy saving switch.Technical Parameters of energy key card switch             Color                                                       White (Standard)            Voltage              110v-220v(Standard) other voltages can be customized         Electric current              30A (Standard)  other voltages can be customized              Time                                                     15SEC (Standard)          Dimension                                         length 85 * W 85 *high 45 (mm)         Case Material                                                   fireproof PC plastic illustration for energy key card switch Professional manufactory of energy key card switch,energy saving switch, card switch, hotel switch, hotel card switch, hotel energy saving switchUsage and advantage of energy key card switch  When entering the rooms, the guests have to insert the room card into the Energy Saving Switchto turn on the illumination system. While leaving the room, the guest draw the room card; then thepower supply will be shut off by the Energy Saving Switch about 15 seconds later. The delay function is very important in the Energy Saving Switch, without it, the guests have to leave the room in the dark. The consumption of the illumination system in each room in the hotel is about2000 watt. If the guests forget to turn off all the electric appliances when they leave the room, which will be a great waste and it's very insecure. While their leaving, it is difficult for the waiter to know whether the lamps are turned on or not in the rooms. So we specially developed the Energy Saving Switch for the hotel to save the substantive regrettable consumption.Performance Index of energy key card switch                    Working Voltage                             AC 220V10%               Load Working Current                                   30A                  Total Load Power                                 6600W                Static Consumption                                  0.01W                      Delay Time                      About 15 Seconds               No-working Situation                          Indicate in red                    Cover Material                        Fire-resistant PC                           Color                                  White                           Weight                                  200g                       Dimension                  85(L) x 85(W) x 42(H) mmCertificates of energy key card switch Energy key card switch use by cardEnergy key card switch is ecomonical and effective in power-saving        
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