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electronic rf hotel card door lock with room number and hotel image(Hits:) 
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Detailed Product Description1.electronic rf hotel card door lock2.wireless with software control 3.15year lifespan 4.1year warranty 5.CE,FCC,RoHS  electronic rf hotel card door lock with room number and hotel image  ONLENSE is a high security electronic rf hotel card door lock manufacturer since 2001.ONLENSE located in Guangzhou China.There only10 minutes by taxi to Canton Fair,1 hour to Shenzhen by bullet train,2 hours to HONGKONG by bullet train.2 hours to Shanghai by plane. The whole system of electronic rf hotel card door lock includeelectronic rf hotel card door lock,card,Encoder,software ,and the Energy saving switch.      1.electronic rf hotel card door lock,which install on the doors,to keep room security.2.Encoder:To issue all the open door cards,the master cards,floor control card for waiters,building control card,guest cards and so on.3.Card: To open the door,and insert to the switch to get power in room.4.Recorder:To collect the open door date,such as who,at what time,use which card to open the door.5.Energy saving switch:instal in room,to control the room power after insert the open door cards.6.Software system:instal on computer to manage the whole working system,at the receiption,for guests check-in and check-out.  Basic Technical Functional Index for electronic RF hotel card door lock  Power SupplyDC6V, use of 4 pieces of AA batteries.Supply VoltageDC4.5V~6.5V, normal status, blue light flash and sound once; below DV4.5V, blue light flash, and red one sound twice, in this situation can use about over 200 times.Static Power Supply<10u A.Dynamic Power Supply< 150mAInductive Distance10-30mm.Open timeit will automatically lock inside after open it once, or lock again in 3 seconds if the door is not openedLifetime of batteryit normally can exceed 20,000 and for one year.Record inside the lock1000 records for standard type (include mechanical key open)Setting RequirementWorking temperature 0'C~70'C, humidity:15-95%max. Structure instruction of electronic rf hotel card door lock  Philip brand chip World famous Philip chip, make sure the lock stable, reliable, and safety.                Mortise CANSI Standard for deadbolt by hand. Door thickness should be 40~65mm and door side distance(Distance from door side to the center of door hole) should be 110mm.If the door is with decorative bar, the distance from door side to the decorative bar should be over 110mm.                  Stainless steel key part axis  The key part axis, take over all forces when open the door,so the  stainless steel material enable it can be used over1 million times.      Free roating handle The special handle, turn dissociative when door is locked, to decrease damage caused to the lockbody from outside force, and also avoids special tools go into the door to push the handle open               Security deadbolt equipment  Five latch mortise, deadbolt inside more security and not interrupted Stainless handle, two ways to open  Inductive card is the main way to open, and the mechanical keys for possible emergency useWarning function  A warning tone will indicate when batteries are low or the door is not shut properly or any unormal actions to the lock                  Hotel room number and image can be customized              Detailed introduction for electronic rf hotel card door lock A.  electronic rf hotel card door lock system  B. Multiple functions1. Five levels of control: General control, building control, floor control, area control and room control.2. Password control: System password and operating password together to ensure security.3. Cipher coding to key card: Each card has a different code that cannot be copied. 4. Area control: Cards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.5. Timing control: Working clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.6. File record: All issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening).7. Loss reporting: Open function can be cancelled when the card is missed. C.Basic Technical Functional Index:1.Power Supply:DC6V, 4 x AA batteriesIf the working voltage is less than 4.5V, it will alert a warning tone with light flashing when opening door. The lock will open 200 more times after this singal is intiated. 2. Static Electric Current:<10u A 3. Dynamic Electric Current: <150mA4. Battery Life: 12 months in normal status, will provide for 20, 000 openings.5. Inductive Distance: 1-3cm6. Record inside the lock: 976 lines for standard type7. Setting Requirement: Working temperature 0°C ~ 70°C, humidity: 98%RH8. Anti-static Electricity: Totally closing status, the problem of static electricity is resolved Certificates of electronic rf hotel card door lock         electronic rf hotel card door lock with room number and hotel image  
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