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remote electronic lock OEM(Hits:) 
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Detailed Product Descriptionremote electronic lock material:stainless steel 304 unlock way: remote control, card, key fire-rated at least 72 minutes remote electronic lock OEMwe are a electronic lock company  specialized in intelligent card key lock system ,remote electronic lock, Sauna lock,Mechanical Code Lock ,digital lock in GuangZhou since 2001. Our lock pass CE,FCC, Rohs certificate. We offer OEM, ODM service Core value of Onlense  remote electronic lock  Dissociative structure: the handle will turn dissociative when the door is locked, to decrease damage caused to the lock body due to outside force.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Stainless steel axis part: the key part axis will take over all forces when open the door, so the stainless steel material enable it can be used over 1 million times. Localizer: a molded type of localizer, compared with rivet type, makes the lock core work stable and steadily.                                                                   PC control panel:   3-1.       Adopt chips from brands like Philips, Atmel to make sure the lock save energy and have long life span.   3-2.       Researched by Onlense to maintain stable system update, namely further tech-development possibility for users.The sealed process enables preventions from mould, bacteria and moisture, to ensure                                                               9510RM remote electronic lock  there are three unlocking ways, including inductive card,mechanical key and remote controller. The locks can be opened within 5 meters by remote controller. 9510RM remote electronic lock  mortise: stainless steel lock core, deadbolt automatically. It can be fire-rated at last 72  minutes                              remote electronic lock   use One-card-pass card: open door card is Mifare-1 card, which is good at anti-forgery, high security and high capacity that enables sector management and independent encryption(S50 card divided into 16 sectors) remote electronic lock technical data   Basic Technical Functional Index: Power Supply DC6V, use of 4 pieces of No. 5 (or No. 7) AA batteries, with lack of voltage indications. Static Power Supply  1u ADynamic Power Supply  About 200mALifetime of battery  For the allowed door open times, it normally can exceed 10, 000Inductive Distance  3-10cmRecord inside the lock  976 lines for standard typeSetting Requirement  Working temperature -20'C~70º C, humidity: 98%max Anti-static Electricity  Totally closing status, the problem of static electricity is resolved  Onlense remote electronic lock  pass Rohs Certificate    Onlense remote electronic lock  is suitable for office, apparment, real state
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