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China change from NPC &CPPCC(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-03-15
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“Change” is hot topic of National People's Congress & Chinese People's Political ConsultativeConference,especially for the official circles culture. From the traditional grade views of Chinese official circles, when high officials attend the team conference,before they state views, every speaker is worried because they are scared ofmaking leaders angry or others laugh at them, sure interrupting the superiorleadership speech is very bad thing.Today the official traditional grade levelviews are changing gradually!March 6, Vice-Premier Li KeQiang joined theHuNan province team and spoke, Xiao Anjiang, deputy to the National People'sCongress chimed and talked about the urbanization constantly, staffs wanted tostop him, but he ignored. Vice-Premier did not feel angry, laughed and said,“don’tdisturb him, he has the right from law to speak.”As to the mist weather, Present Xi JinPingattended Shanghai team and made a joke, “when I was a kid and stayed in Beijingcity, actually the fine sand was also flying up in the air, I neededto wearthe mask to go to school, so when I arrived at school, yellow sands were filledwith the mask. In winter, with the smoke from the burning coal, the conditionwas worse, at that time therewas no PM2.5 except PM250.” President made allpeople smile, it also broke the superior stereotype when leaders talk.The other key change is the progress frominternet, National People's Congress & Chinese People's PoliticalConsultative Conference allow the internet media broadcast news freely.Sohu.com editor talked to the reporter, “ten years ago, internet media couldnot join the newsbroadcast National People's Congress & Chinese People'sPolitical Consultative Conference,now all comprehensive websites try the bestto get the good news!”It is the big shining point for internetmedia joins the report of NPC &CPPCC. Micro-blog live broadcast makes allnews come to people instantly, online interview and some words from deputiesand other special columns let net citizens really feel “People's Congress onbehalfof the people, he and she are here with me”.
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