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mechanical code lock with zinc alloy material use for wooden door(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-03-29
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1.Mechanical Code Lock 2.Keyles,No need battery and wiring 3.open the door by code 4.cheap but safe 5.CE.FCC,RoHS Mechanical code lock with zinc alloy material use for wooden door Advantage of Mechanical code lock  1. Energy-concerving and environment-protective without power supply.2. Change the code at will, which is easy to operate. 3. Liberation structure replaces the hand touch and voice identification. 4.Precision machinofacture, which supply both the code and the mechanical key to open the door.5.It is the security numen of home and house, apartment, factory and office.  Character of Mechanical code lock  1. Metal keypad:solid and durable2. Zinc alloy panel:reveal quality3. Concave & convex vortex:handle ingenious4.Mechanical code lock no need battery:Energy-conserving and environment-protective without power supply.                                     5.Easy to change code:Change the password at will, which is easy to operate the mechanical code lock.                                                  6.Mechanical code lock no need battery:energy-conserving and environment protective without power supply.7.Brief installation process:first,take the origin knob lock off; second, get 2140 into the right position, well done!                                      8.Easy and convenient unlock way:the mechanical code lock is convenient and easy to open by password, no need to worry even if you forget to take key or card.   9. Two types of mortise for mechanical code door locks available    10. Mechanical code locks 2140 is ideal for apartments, factories and offices, the good guard for safety guarantee   Certificates of Mechanical code lock   
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